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Recruiters generally scan through each resume within 5-6 seconds. The challenge is how to grab the attention of more recruiters to get maximum interview offers. The solution is simple; just follow 5 easy steps: 1. Chose the Right Format Your Resume: The content is a secondary aspect of an effective resume as the first impression is created by the format. Use a logical format with consistency in font and content style 2. Highlight youraccomplishments separately: Always showcase your career achievements in a more descriptive way to show all the feathers in your cap to the recruiters 3. Avoid writing generic content: A resume is a marketing document which should have specific details of the candidate rather than key result areas copy pasted from other sources 4. Highlight the preferred Industry: The industry for which you are targeting should be mentioned at the top of the resume to get specific calls and avoid unwanted offers 5. Write a strong Career Summary: A Career Summary is designed to give a brief overview of who you are and what you do. Spend time developing a summary that powerfully describes your career graph in a concise manner